The Laury Life

At Laury Home, we believe that the essence of a well-curated life begins at home. Born from the artistic vision of Laurie, bridal designer of Laury Bride, our brand extends the bespoke elegance of wedding couture into the realm of home luxury. We are a Chicago-based haven of home elegance, meticulously crafting pieces that are not only visually stunning but also imbue every room with a sense of personal story and warmth.

Each Laury Home Essential—from our signature candles that cast a gentle glow on your memories, to affirmation cards that inspire daily reflections, to our sophisticated coupe sets for celebratory evenings, and incense holders that add an aura of tranquility—is designed with the intention to elevate your living experience.

Our mission is to weave the threads of bridal sophistication into the fabric of everyday life, allowing you to claim your space with grace, beauty, and a touch of the exceptional. With Laury Home, transform your home into a sanctuary of style and comfort, where every detail is a chapter in your unique story. Welcome to Laury Home—where every piece is a part of your personal legacy.